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Diner En Blanc Celebrates 5 years and a weather delay!

September 1, 2016

As usual, my BFF Lori and I are always SUPER excited when it is leading up to Diner En Blanc!  Double and triple checking our place settings, food, clothes and shoes as well as locating cute lighting and candles throughout the year!!  This year was no different! This was actually the 5th year anniversary of the event and it was SOLD OUT!   The anticipation of arriving and meeting the people in your group then strolling to the “secret” destination NEVER grows old!  Well this year as we were heading downtown Lori got a call saying due to the weather it was going to be postponed!  WAIT!  WHAT?!!


So we definitely know how to make lemon out of lemonade so we wound up meeting up with a few other friends and eating up all our catered bites and watching the storm come in, and wondering what was going to happen?!


Once we got the news that the event would be held the following day the scramble to check schedules and figure out who could make it began!  Unfortunately my partner in Diner En Blanc since the beginning could not make it.   Lucky for me I had a willing sister and a few other folks more than willing to take the plunge and dive in for their very first Diner En Blanc experience!  As we packed up again and headed downtown, the newbies wondered if they could see themselves lugging all their stuff to the secret location next year?  Once we arrived and met and mingled with our group, the laughs and fun times kicked off!

Strolling towards the lake we all were wondering where oh where are we going??!!  As we arrived to Queen’s Landing and saw all of our fellow diners and the beautiful location which was selected for us this evening all smiles were around!  The city’s closing of the Lake Shore Drive crosswalk between Buckingham Fountain and the lakefront promenade what an AMAZING back drop for our evening!



Once you set up, the party truly begins, mingling and sharing with your table mates,  snapping selfies, toasting and laughing watching the sunset.  Next up dancing and more photos because the view is just soooo amazing!  If you have been to this event before you know the sea of lights and white is already captivating but having the lake on one side and Buckingham Fountain on the other was just breathtaking!!   As the night wound down it did  begin to rain, so we quickly packed up, cleaned up and made our way back to our cars. All were truly thankful for yet another amazing DEB experience!






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