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Chicago Gourmet 2016, Food is Art!-Recap

September 29, 2016


Chicago Gourmet 2016, Food is Art!  It is the 9th Annual Bon Appetite event!  This is always an exciting time of the year it is not quite Fall but you know it is right around the corner when this event comes to town!  It provides a weekend full of great cooking demos, wine & cocktail seminars, and of course delicious food, wine and spirits all in one place!  Millennium Park!


This year’s event has our very own  Rick Bayless as their first ever Host Chef!  He kicked off the first demo on the main stage with one of my favorites TACOS!!!! But heck who doesn’t LOVE tacos?!

Make sure you keep this event on your to do list as the tickets WILL sell out!  Also, make sure you have on comfy shoes and clothes as you want to be at ease as you EAT all these wonderful dishes!  And if the weather is on our side it will be hot! So see my recap below for my Chicago Gourmet experience it is a personal fav of mine.  Enjoy!


There were sooo many delicious dishes there it is hard to pick just one but below are a few pictures of my favorite that I had to have a couple of!  LOL!



I truly appreciated the media lounge!  As we all LOVE a food pic here and there and our phone batteries can ONLY last so long!  It was a great spot to re-cap write my notes and CHARGE my phone! 🙂





Tuna Tataki from Kamehachi | lightly seared tuna on a pod of warm, crispy rice with punchy peppers and aioli it was ohhhhh so delicious and the presentation was gorgeous!  BUT I did not let that stop me from having a few!


Cannot forget about the beverages!  I was so excited to see one of my fav’s Meiomi they had a huge booth with a photo both and of course my sister and I had to take one!

Meiomi Wines – SoHo Experiential – Chicago


Always great to check out the other bevvy tents which are plentiful if you are looking for ideas for that perfect new cocktail!  Cheers!


Hope to see you next year!  be on the look out for the pre-sale deal when they offer it!  You can find out all the pertinent details on their site see below!

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