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2nd Annual Mac & Cheese Fest

October 26, 2015


Say Cheese!  Chicago’s 2nd Annual Mac & Cheese fest was held at UIC Forum on Saturday, October 24th it held two sessions a lunch and dinner.  I was overwhelmed with all of the choices…WHO makes one decide on who to try when it comes to Mac & Cheese!?!?!? There were wayyyyy too many restaurants to list, but you get the idea!  This was my first time to the festival so I was not really sure what to expect, let’s just say I was NOT disappointed!  As I entered the hall, the smell of all the ooooy goooy cheesy goodness was overwhelming!  There was creativity and culinary delights all meshed in a way that I did not think would be possible.





Some of my top favs from the festival were Red Door, they took their mac & cheese to WHOLE ‘nother level with Bulgogi pork and kimchi with and sprinkles of pork cracklings on top.  Laura Albun, Chef’s Troy’s other half,  who keeps Chef on his culinary toes…  kept the crowd dancing as they served up hot mac & cheese!  Laura kept reminding and asking the crowd “Who would want cold mac n cheese?  NO ONE”   My second fave was Bergstein’s NY Deli they served up their mac & cheese with caramelized onion and green peppers topped with brisket and gravy!  OOOOOO WEEEEE, I needed a nap after that one!  Some other eateries mixed in seafood, pork belly, bacon jam, and even Cheez-its crumbles to create their own different version of mac & cheese.   It was a good ole Cheesie good time!  Congrats to Red Door as they won 2nd Runner up in the Mac & Cheese Fest!!


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